Riva Self Cure Glass Ionomer Powde&Liquid A2 Kit

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Riva Self Cure Glass Ionomer Powder / Liquid Kit

Riva Self cure is a restorative material that remineralises the tooth. In cases where dentine is lost, use Riva Self cure to replace dentine, as it does not require adhesive and does not cause sensitivity. It has a very high compressive strength, so it can withstand all chewing forces.

This material is particularly suitable for minimally invasive dentistry, as it prevents the development of caries. In its application, the natural tooth structure is preserved and the cavity does not need to be enlarged.


Characteristics of Riva Self Cure Glass Ionomer:

  • It does not shrink after curing.
  • Bisphenol and HEMA free.
  • It releases substantially more fluoride to aid in remineralisation of the natural dentition.
  • Suitable for large fillings: Large-scale fillingscan be performed to reduce the working time in the dental unit.
  • High surface hardness.
  • Low acid erosion: improving the longevity of the restoration.
  • Available in different colours (Regular Setting)

Indications for Riva Self Cure Glass Ionomer:

  • Minimal Class I and II restorations
  • Restorations in deciduous teeth
  • Geriatric restorations
  • Intermediate restorations and as a base material for class I and II cavities, using the sandwich technique
  • Cervical restorations (Class V)
  • Stump reconstruction
  • Temporary fillings
  • Use in the ART technique
  • Dentine replacement

Riva Self Cure Powder / Liquid Kits

  • 6.9mL (8g) Riva Self Cure Liquid bottle
  • 15g Riva Self Cure Powder jar
  • accessories

SDI Riva Self Cure Cam İonomer Restoratif Toz Likit Set