Robax Heat Wraps with ThemaCare for Lower Back & Hip S-XL (6 Single Use Heat Wraps)

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  • 6 Single use heat wrap; up to 16 hours of back pain relief
  • Patented Heat Cells with deep penetrating therapeutic heat
  • Non-medicated and targeted pain relief
  • Clinically proven to last up to 16 hours (8 hours while you wear the wrap and up to 8 hours after you take it off)
  • Thin, discreet, odourless, non-greasy, and easy to use.

Details: Robax HeatWraps with ThermaCare Technology’s patented Heat Cells use controlled, deep penetrating therapeutic heat to provide back pain relief for up to 16 hours. By using a combination of ingredients that react when exposed to oxygen, the HeatWraps are active for 8 hours, and you can feel the benefit of heat therapy for another 8 hours, for up to 16 hours of back pain relief. Robax HeatWraps with Thermacare Technology also help relax, soothe and unlock tight muscles. On opening, the Robax HeatWrap with ThermaCare Technology reaches therapeutic temperature in 30 minutes or less – about 3º C above body temperature. When To Use Robax Heatwraps: Apply Robax HeatWraps at the first stages of pain—early treatment can help keep the pain from interfering with your life. HeatWraps can be used on various types of pain, including: Back aches Sore and tight muscles Overexertion Sprains and strains When used as directed, you can use Robax HeatWraps with Thermacare Technology for 8 hours a day, 7 days in a row for back pain relief. Note: Heat should not be used on areas of swelling and bruising. (If swelling occurs, use ice, and then apply heat after the swelling has gone away at least 48 hours.) Do not use for more than 8 hours in any 24-hour period. For best results, use as directed for the full 8 hours.

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