Sable Seek Caries Detection Kit

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Sable Seek Caries Detection Kit

Sable Seek contains caries marker FD and C dyes and Seek caries marker glycol based dyes D and C. Both are used to stain carious dentin.

Seek and Sable Seek caries markers are very useful for hard-to-see areas by staining demineralized dentin, for example; undercut parts of preparations, dark dentin, areas in enamel dentin composition, etc. Both the Seek and Sable Seek caries markers allow the rapid and effective identification of calcified root canal entrances.1–3 The Green Sable Seek caries marker provides visualization of caries in deep caries to help avoid pulp exposure.


Identify demineralized dentin

Delivers the full amount of mess-free transmission

Available in dark green to work near the pulp

Helps identify root canal entries