Single Stage Composite Polish Set - Containing Aluminum Oxide

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Shofu One Gloss Set - Single Stage Composite Polish Set - Containing Aluminum Oxide

Finishing, Polishing and Polishing Rubbers

Containing aluminum oxide, OneGloss is designed to complete finishing, buffing and polishing in one step. With the controlled pressure you apply, you can achieve polishing without finishing in one step. Thanks to its three different designs, it is the guarantee of perfect finishing, polishing and polishing processes even in the most difficult to reach areas.


Clinical Practice Advantages

No need to use separate products for finishing, polishing and polishing

No need to use polishing paste

Maintains its durability during the polishing process

Easy to use, no vibration, high temperature

Extremely short application time

Scope of application

Finishing, polishing and processing of composite restorations

In cleaning the overflowing cement and resin from the tooth surface

Enamel surface after removal of orthodontic brackets

On the enamel surface after tartar cleaning

For removing stains on the tooth surface

OneGloss PS

OneGloss PS polishing wheels are mounted on a solid plastic mandrel. It offers safe and easy use.

OneGloss and OneGloss PS are disposable.

Product Content

0180 OneGloss -60 Polishing Rubber, 3 Mandrels