Soflex Polishing Disk Refil

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3M Espe Sof-Lex
Finishing and Polishing System

It is used for polishing composite, compomer, metal and ceramic materials.
It is used on the facial and lingual margins of anterior and posterior restorations.
Flexible discs are coated with aluminum oxide and can be used dry without heating the tooth.
Available in four abrasion grades, from coarse to super fine, and two disc thicknesses, normal and extra fine.
The color of each degree of abrasion is different.
Discs are easily changed thanks to the patented pop-on mandrel system.
It is ideal to be used in order of thick, medium, thin and super fine.

Sof-Lex Pop-on Finishing Discs Set
It is used for sanding the approximal surfaces of composite, compomer and glass ionomer fillings.
It has a thin and flexible base coated with aluminum oxide.
The middle sand-free area makes it easy to enter the interproximal areas.