Drm Straight Handpiece İnternal Water Spray

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Jinme - M2-SH Low Speed Straight Handpiece İnternal Water Spray

Configuration parameters
Model L
Air pressure 0.25 (Mpa) -0.35 (Mpa)
water pressure:198Kpa (2Kg)
Forward rotation speed  19 (krpm)
Reverse rotation speed  18 (krpm)
Torque   0.4 (N) -0.45 (N)
Scholarship Φ2.334-Φ2.355 (mm)
Water flow rate 90 (min / ml) -110 (min / ml)
Working pressure 0.2 (Mpa) -0.23 (Mpa)
Noise ≤ 65dB

Note. This product is produced by Jinme on behalf of dentrealmarket under the name DRM.
Jinme are Trademarks of Apple Dental G.J.Co.Ltd.