Super Snap Rainbow Composite Polishing and Finishing Disc Set- 180 pcs

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SHOFU SUPER - SNAP Rainbow Technique Kit 180 pcs
Composite Polishing and Finishing Disc Set
Shofu Super Snap Rainbow Kit

Super Snap, selected as the best composite finishing system by Dental Advisor, is produced by Japanese Shofu company.
Shofu is a professional company that has been producing composite finishing and polishing systems for 90 years.

SuperSnap ,
With its plastic body covering the chuck part, it does not allow the tooth surface to be scratched by the metal chuck.
It allows you to make both finishing and polishing discs of 4 different thicknesses.
There are 4 metal chucks in the set in case you lose it. Some discs in the set are double-sided, which will allow you to easily access all surfaces of the teeth. The interface sanders included in the set will allow you to taste Shofu quality at every step of the polishing and finishing process.

Set Content,
180 Discs (4 Different Thicknesses)
40 Pieces of Interface Sanding (2 different thicknesses)
4 Pieces Metal Chuck
2 Pieces of White Stone + 1 Piece of Polishing Rubber