Surgery Lucas Curette 11-ED

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Surgical Curette - Lucas Style

This Lucas style curette is designed for smoothing the alveolis and bones during surgical procedures, as well as lifting gingival flaps or the periosteum.

The surgical curette is dual-sided and characterised by two sharp, spoon formed, semetrically arranged working ends. You may receive your Lucas style curette with various spoon sizes.


Product Details

Curette, Lucas Style
Useable as periosteum lifter, for smoothing the alveolis and bones, for lifting gingival flaps
Two-sided instrument with sharp, spoon formed, semetrically arranged, sharp edged working end
Profiled instrument grip for secure hold
Manufactured with rust-free stainless steel
Disinfectable and sterilisable
Length: approx. 17 cm
Available in various spoon sizes
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