Surgitime Collagen Bovine Pericardium Membrane - 20*30 mm

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Discover the bovine collagen membrane with exceptional handling properties.
Surgitime.collagen is an implantable and resorbable acellular biological membrane from bovine pericardium. Designed to be used as a barrier in bone regenerative procedures in implantology, periodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery and can also be used in other specialties.
Obtained through acellularization mechanisms from bovine pericardium, the final product translates into a very high purity natural collagen membrane that acts as a regenerating biological barrier when implanted on the bone graft and below the gingival tissues, in the so-called bone regeneration procedures. guided.
Surgitime.collagen has an average time of resorption between 60 and 90 days, sufficient for the structural formation of new grafted bone. Being resorbable, at the end of the total healing period, there is no need for surgical intervention in order to remove it.
Matterpress .
The quantitative and qualitative composition analyzes indicated that the bovine pericardium acellular matrix (surgitime . collagen ) is a biological, biocompatible material, composed of type I collagen.

Safe Trustworthy .
The surgitime production process . collagen is standardized and controlled, which subjects the tissue of bovine origin to a multi-step sequence of reagents that acellularizes, while preserving the characteristics of type I collagen, with a high degree of purity, biocompatible, free of heavy metals and any biological contamination.
It is acellular, non-cytotoxic, non-immunogenic and non-pyrogenic!

Advantages .

. Ease of use in surgical sites [moldability];

. No trauma to soft tissues;

. Adequate containment of the bone graft;

. Improves space for bone regeneration;

. Biocompatible;

Features .

Regarding the  mechanical strength of bovine pericardium , surgitime . collagen has biomechanical properties that guarantee a high resistance to tensions and rupture in several directions, being able to physically contain the bone graft materials, promoting an immobile environment conducive to the integration of the bone graft. Allows excellent fixation through graft screws, tent screws, tacks or sutures.
Because it has a porous structure, surgitime . collagen allows vascularization ,  proliferation  and  cellular maturation , essential conditions for the natural processes of remodeling and reconstruction of bone and connective tissue.

Surgitime Collagen 30 x 20 mm