Surgitime Titanium Mesh - Non-Absorbable customized to the surgical mesh - 3DL 3 in 1

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It is very easy to work with surgitime . 3DL

Due to its flexibility, it can be easily customized to the surgical site
1 . Fixing hole ø 2.5
2 . Use Implant Cover or Healer to fix the membrane in the desired place.
3 . Thickness: 0.08 mm
4 . The holes measuring ø 0.35 mm prevent displacement or migration of the bone graft material but allow the blood to diffuse into the graft.
Biocompatibility .
Because it is made of commercially pure titanium, it promotes excellent biological stability, which is beneficial for bone formation. They are made of PURE Titanium Gr 1 [ASTM F-67].
Stabilization .
It has superior resistance to the absorbable membrane and excellent space retention, and can be stabilized directly on the implant with the healer, or using the cover screw of the tent DM screw.
Flexibility .
With a thickness of 0.08 mm , it can be easily molded into the desired shape. The ø 0.35 mm holes  prevent the displacement of the bone graft, but allow the diffusion of blood in the graft.
Customized for all types of bone defect allowing molding in 3 different shapes , being Original +  2 customized shapes ( Cutting Guidelines Guide Line)
Surgitime Titanium 3DL 12 x18 mm