Titanium Carpide Lindemann Surgical Bur - 262 FGXL

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Frank Dental Titanium Root Separation Bone Cutting Surgical Bur

The Lindemann Surgical Bur is used for a variety of procedures, including external sinus lift procedures.
  Lindemann one-piece tungsten carpide burs are specially adapted for working on bone structure.
Fine cross cuts and optimum groove depth allow efficient cutting of hard tissue or bone tissue and remove waste material.

Frank Dental Surgical burs are renowned for their strength, durability and advanced design.
Frank dental Surgical burs collection is extensive. It encompasses a range of practices from daily dental surgery, implantology, traumatology and premakillofacial surgery.
Lindeman Bur Features:
Milling cutter Length: 9 mm
Drill Code: 162
Bur Length :22 mm
Compatible Device: Aerator
Purpose of Use: Bone cutting, root separation, tooth enamel cutting, dental surgery etc...