Titanium Handpiece Illuminated 1:1

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Titanium Handpiece Illuminated 1:1



1. Material: Titanium metal
2. Air pressure: 0.3 mpa
3. Rotation speed: about 20000 rpm
4. Bur applicable: φ2.35mm~φ0.016 mm (ISO 1797-1)
5. Noise: ≤ 70 db
6. 6 hole, optic fiber
7. Inner channel water spray low speed handpiece, Straight angle head
8. Chuck type: Push button


1. Adopt advanced pure titanium metal material, excellent operating performance, superior service life, human nature design for easy handing.
2. To improve treatment precision and efficiency, patients can get the best treatment effect.
3. Titanium keeps 30% less weight compared with stainless steel, with higher durability and higher corrosion resistance, superior contact feeling, and the best balance degree.
4. Inner fiber, 360 degrees of freedom rotary interface, avoid swinging to lead to prevent the handpiece wire be tensioned, unencumbered function of light, free to transform, reduce fatigue.
5. CE certificated, inner water spray contra angle handpiece with LED