Titanium Red Belt Contra-angle Illuminated

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Titanium Red Belt Contra-angle Illuminated


1. 1:5 increasing contra angle
2. 4 way water spray
3. Speed up to 5 times
4. Large torque cartridge
5. Inner water channel
6. Low speed handpiece
7. International E type connect


1. Chuck: push button
2. Bur applicable: 1.6 FG burs
3. Rotation speed: 200000 rpm

Distinctive Advantages:

1. Automatic internal clean
2. Accurate equipment clean and lubrication
3. Easy to use
4. Best price Ratio
5. Imported Bearings
6. Middle gear cutted by imported machine, which gives no clearance between gears and vibration free performance

Operation process:

1. Spray channel and transmission parts cleaning, hand piece external cleaning
2. Dry the spray channel and transmission parts with compressed air
3. Clean and lubricate the transmission parts with W&H F1 lubrication