Ufi Gel SC Hard Direct Denture Relining Material

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Voco Ufi GEL SC Hard Relining Material 
Soft A-Silicone Permanent Relining Material in Cartridges

Permanent soft relining material for full and partial dentures
Pressure point treatment
Improves settling and support
As a cushion in acute alveolar processes
Rebasing in implantology
prosthesis retrofitting
Excellent quality relining silicone
Complete relining in a single office session
Special adhesive to maximize the adhesion of the silicone to the prosthesis
Simple, easy to use and cheap
Biocompatible (no methacrylates)
Neutral taste and smell
Stable, aesthetic color with chameleon effect
Laboratory use – fewer steps than other cold cure materials
For all PMMA-based prosthetics
Easy and fast application in direct and indirect relines
Excellent adaptation on delicate details for precise seating of the prosthesis
Resistant against standard denture cleaners

REF 2041 set 50 ml kartuş, 10 ml adeziv, 10 ml glazing baz, 10ml glazing katalizör