Ultradent Astringedent X 12.7% Iron Solution

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Ultradent Astringedent X 12.7% Iron Solution

Astringedent™ X hemostatic agent is an aqueous, 12.7% iron solution for difficult cases of heavy capillary bleeding.

Astringedent X contains equivalent ferric sulfate and ferric subsulfate for difficult-to-stop, problem bleeding. Not as tissue kind as our other hemostatic agents, yet less acidic than competitive iron subsulfate solutions.

·Ultradent's most powerful hemostatic

·Ideal for difficult-to-stop, problem bleeding

·Less acidic than competitive iron substrate solutions

·Designed for use with the Metal Dento-Infusor tip

·Note:Diluted Astringedent X does not equalViscoStatorAstringedent