Variolink Esthetic DC System Kit - Dual Cure Cement

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The all-rounder for adhesive cementation

Variolink Esthetic is a light- and dual-cure luting composite, which is used for the adhesive cementation of dental restorations. It produces reliable and impressive results. The luting composite is highly versatile and therefore offers exceptional flexibility in choosing a suitable solution for all types of restorations and materials.

Your benefits at a glance

Convincing versatility

A versatile solution for maximum flexibility in the adhesive cementation of all types of indirect restorations
Variolink Esthetic DC is suitable for lithium disilicate, glass-ceramic, composite resin, zirconium oxide and metal
Variolink Esthetic LC is suitable for the adhesive cementation of restorations made of lithium disilicate, glass-ceramic or composite resin, measuring < 2mm in thickness and showing adequate translucency
Inspiring esthetics

Well-balanced and compact Effect shade range for impressive esthetic results
Reliable shade stability even when the material is exposed to intensive light or moisture[1] due to the patented Ivocerin light initiator
 Very good wear resistance and margin quality
 User-friendly processing

Flexible situational consistency ensures comfortable handling[2]
Easy and controlled excess removal with optional tack-curing[2]
High radiopacity[1,3,4] for easy detection of luting material excess and diagnosis of secondary caries
 All-round solution for adhesive cementation

Carefully coordinated products for adhesive cementation, developed to work together
Suitable adhesives for a sound bond to the tooth structure: Adhese Universal and Adhese Universal DC[5-7]
Reliable bond to restoration surfaces with Monobond Plus and Monobond Etch & Prime[5-10]
Kit Contains:

1x Variolink Esthetic DC Syringe Light 5g
1x Variolink Esthetic DC Syringe Neutral 5g
1x Variolink Esthetic DC Syringe Warm 5g
1x Variolink Esthetic Try-In Paste Syringe Light 1.7g
1x Variolink Esthetic Try-In Paste Syringe Neutral 1.7g
1x Variolink Esthetic Try-In Paste Syringe Warm 1.7g
1x Total Etch 2 g
1x Adhese Universal Bottle 5g
1x Monobond Plus 5g
1x Liquid Strip Syringe 2.5g
50x Vivadent Applicators
5x Variolink Application Tips
30x Mixing Tips
1x Brush Holder
50x Brushes, soft