Wave MV Flowable Composite

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A flowable for all your clinical situations
Wave, Wave MV and Wave HV contain specially treated nano-fillers to maximize polishability, wear resistance and strength. Ease of extrusion is improved with the addition of these specially treated nano-fillers.

Wave, Wave MV and Wave HV are all visible on x-rays. This allows easy identification of secondary caries at the interface.

For use in just about every restoration
Class V restorations
Tunnel / air abrasion preparations
Pit and fissure sealants
Minimal Class I, II, III, IV restorations
Radiopaque cavity liners
Cervical abrasion/erosion lesions
Abfraction lesions
Implant seals
Incisal abrasions
Repair enamel defects
Minor core build-ups
Temporary crowns
Cement porcelain / ceramic / composite veneers
Splint mobile teeth
Attach fiber bridges
Restorations in deciduous teeth
Repair porcelain restorations
Block out undercuts in inlay / onlay / crown preparations
Cover stains
Adhering tooth jewelry
Ceramic inserts

SDI Flowable: Compare to:
Wave        UltraSeal XT Plus*
                 Premise Flowable*

Wave MV        Filtek Supreme Plus Flowable*
                        Heliomolar Flow*
                        Tetric Flow*

Wave HV        Revolution Formula 2*
                       Flow-It! ALC*
                       Point 4 Flowable*
                       Filtek Flow*
                      AeliteFlo LV*
                      Esthet-X Flow*