Wave One Gold Reciproc Canal Files

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Wave One Gold Reciproc Canal Files
The WaveOne™ canal file has a specially designed geometry to allow the user to take maximum advantage of the reciprocal motion of the WaveOne™ motor. This geometry, together with the proprietary Dentsply M-Wire™ Nickel-Titanium technology, is the main reason for the WaveOne™ canal file's superior performance compared to most NiTi canal files on the market.

The medium-sized WaveOne™ canal file is designed for exact shaping of most canals. However, if the K-File 10 resists movement, the smaller one is the appropriate size. If the K-File moves easily through 20 channels, the appropriate WaveOne™ canal file size is the larger one. Usually, a single WaveOne™ canal file will be sufficient to fully shape the root canal.