WK-56 LT Synea Vision Contra-Angle - Glass Rod

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Synea Vision contra-angle and straight handpieces:
reliable, ergonomic and outstanding quality.
> Two head sizes for individual needs
> Optimum service life and quiet operation due to ceramic
ball bearings and innovative gearing technology (WK-99LT
/ WK-93/LT)
> Easy to clean, comprehensive protection and long-term
value retention thanks to new surface coating
> Excellent grip and ergonomics with optimised shank profile
and mono-bloc design
> Compact glass rod for outstanding illumination of the
treatment site
> Durable instrument construction with stainless-steel
external parts
> Easy change of instruments
> Thermowasher disinfectable and sterilizable

1:1, single spray,
head size Ø 9,5 mm,
press-button chuck system for
contra-angle burs Ø 2,35 mm,
Glass rod

W&H Synea Vision WK-56 LT Mavi Kuşak Anguldurva Işıklı