XP-Endo Finisher Root Canal File - Rotary File

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XP-endo Finisher is able to treat root canals with highly
complex morphologies, from the narrowest to the largest,
and from the straightest to the most severely curved canals.
Because of its small core size – ISO 25 in diameter – and
its zero taper, the file benefits from incredible flexibility and
shows unparalleled resistance to cyclic fatigue. In addition
the file will contact and clean the dentine but NOT change
the original shape of the canal !
The XP-endo Finisher file is produced using an exclusive FKG
alloy, the NiTi MaxWire (Martensite-Austenite ElectropolishFleX). This material reacts at different temperature levels and
is highly flexible. FKG has patented this procedure.

Shape-memory effect
The creation and production of XP-endo Finisher files are
based on the shape-memory principles of the NiTi alloy.
The file is straight in its M- phase which is achieved when it
is cooled. When the file is exposed to the body temperature
(the canal) it will change its shape due to its molecular
memory to the A- phase. The A – phase shape in the rotation
mode allows the file to access and clean areas that are
otherwise impossible to reach with standard instruments.

A universal NiTi-based instrument measuring ISO 25
in diameter and with zero taper (25/.00).
Unique characteristics
Mechanical cleaning of the canal in areas previously
impossible to reach thanks to its incredible flexibility
and capacity to expand its reach 6mm in diameter or
100-fold of an equivalent sized file.
Unprecedented resistance to instrument fatigue
thanks to its zero taper and the ability of the file
to work in mixed M and A phases (exclusive FKG
MaxWire alloy).
Adaptation to canal morphology and preservation of
the dentine.
Thorough removal of debris.
Removal of medication from inside the canal during
treatment over several visits or of residual obturation
material during re-treatment.
When to use
Universal instrument that can be used following any
root canal preparation of diameter ISO 25 or more.
Three instruments in a sterile blister pack, for single
use (each instrument can be used to clean one tooth
with up to four canals).
The instruments are stored inside a plastic tube so
their straight shape can be maintained or restored
and the working length can be defined.