Zetaplus C Silicone Impression Material - İntro Set - 4 Kit

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Zetaplus C Silicone Impression Material - 4 Kit


Putty formulated with spherical fillers to improve handling and reduce mucosa compression during insertion in the mouth.

High initial flowability and excellent rigidity after hardening for the putties.

Thixotropy for the washes.

High tear resistance.

Indurent Gel is a gel catalyst for C-silicones and a single catalyst for all Zhermack clinical C-silicones (Zetaplus System) and technical (Zetalabor and Titanium).

Fluid consistency and perfect sliding in the gingival cavity.

Excellent relation between rigidity and elasticity.

Ideal working time/setting time ratio.

High flowability and accuracy of wash materials.

Putty and wash materials with the same catalyst.

Versatility – easy dispensing.

Red gel for homogeneous mixing control.

4 Zetaplus 900 ml

4 Oranwash L 140 ml

4 Indurent Gel 60 ml

4 mixing block (15 sheets) + measuring spoon