San Benedetto (Sanbenedetto) 500mlX36 this natural sparkling mineral water [regular imported goods]

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  • Contents: 500ml x 36 bottles
  • Ingredients: Country of origin: Italy (Veneto) In
  • Product size (height x depth x width): 239.0mmx40

PartNumber: 4571139556813

Details: Size: 500mlX36 this product introduction "Sanbenedetto (SanBenedetto) Sparkling Water 500mlX36 this" is, in Italy surrounded by the European Alps, is the carbonated water of snow was filtered over the long years in Italy. And water sampling to 3000 meters below ground, bottled on the spot, was sterilized by filtration. Once Venetian nobility of ancient had been drinkers, it is a venerable Italian carbonated water. Please help us, such as a daily health maintenance. Hard water in the hardness of 235mg / 1000ml. pH7.68. Please drink immediately after your note (Disclaimer)> Please be sure to read opening. Also, please avoid temporary storage of other than the refrigerator after opening. Heating, freezing, but you love to be able to white precipitate by long-term storage, etc., because it is a crystal of natural mineral ingredients, the quality is not a problem. The impact of the container, refrigeration, please avoid the abandonment of in a location that will be used as a high temperature. Since the PET bottle gradually there is a characteristic that the carbonate go missing, it may over time and carbonate is felt weak.

EAN: 4571139556813

Model: 4571139556813

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