San Benedetto (Sanbenedetto) 750mlX12 This Natural Sparkling Mineral Water [Regular Imported Goods]

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Details: Italy production Sanbenedetto natural mineral water "Sanbenedetto" than Amazon's top brands compete for first and second places in Italy. Founded in 1956, the start of the production of the glass bottle of mineral water. Sanbenedetto company that advanced technology innovation, has been adopted for the first time PET bottle in Italy in the 1980s. At present, it has been released in around 80 countries. Hometown Sukoruze of Sanbenedetto is, about 30km of the city to the northwest from Vetsuia. Rain and snow that has been showered to the European Alps is, penetration into the ground. While passing through the geological formation over the long years, will incorporate a variety of minerals, it will be the San Benedetto natural mineral water. After being water sampling from the underground 330 m of a particular water source, without touching the outside air, without any sterilization and heat treatment, it is pristine bottling. The balance of calcium and magnesium is good Sanbenedetto. In mellow taste, you can ingest the delicious mineral. Natural mineral water is also ideal as a table water at the time of the meal. To clean is the inside of the mouth, it makes further brings out the taste of the dish. Easy to drink in a mellow taste, bath and up, it is perfect for hydration after sports. Natural Sparkling Water containing a reasonable mineral component (hardness 235), it is recommended to mineral supplementation after sports. Sparkling type of gas pressure brings a moderate stimulus at 2.55kg / cm2.

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